Hauthane HD-2101 DMM

A soft, aliphatic, polyester-based, aqueous polyurethane dispersion.

Suggested Uses: HD-2101 DMM was designed primarily for use on flexible substrates as a coating, saturant or impregnant. HD-2101 DMM may also be used as a blending resin with harder polyurethane dispersions to impart flexibility without adversely effecting chemical resistance.


  • Outstanding toughness and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent water and chemical resistance
  • Exceptionally high melting point for a medium soft polymer
  • Can be crosslinked to enhance performance
  • Dilution and clean-up with water
  • Contains dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether co-solvent


Hauthane HD-2101 DMM Data Sheet

Physical Properties

35 %
Solids Tolerance
± 1 %
75 to 200 cps
pH8.5 to 10.0
Density8.7 lb/gal
Softening Point
325 ºF
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content (As Supplied)
107 g/L
Sward Hardness

Tensile Properties

500 %
Tensile Strength
>5000 psi
100 % Modulus
700 psi
200 % Modulus
1100 psi
300 % Modulus
2000 psi
NoteTested at 20 inches/minute


HD-2101 DMM can be used as a sole vehicle or blended with harder polyurethane dispersions or acrylic emulsions for spray or rotogravure applications. Rheology modifications can be made with associative thickeners for alternative application methods.


The addition of coalescing solvent is recommended to achieve optimal film formation with HD-2101 DMM. In ambient-cured systems the addition of 5 – 10 % DPnB coalescing solvent is suggested. Less coalescing solvent is required in heat-cured systems to attain comparable film properties. Typical drying temperatures and dwell times for aqueous coatings are sufficient to produce optimal film properties. HD-2101 DMM may be crosslinked with carbodiimides, water-dispersible isocyanates or polyaziridines to further enhance performance.