Hauthane HD-2113

A very hard, aliphatic, polyester-based, aqueous polyurethane dispersion specifically developed for factory coated PVC flooring.

Suggested Uses: HD-2113 is ideally suited for PVC roll or sheet goods requiring maximum stain and abrasion resistance without the requirement for 180 degree reverse bend.


  • Very high gloss
  • Excellent mar and wear resistance
  • Exceptional chemical and stain resistance
  • Contains n-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) co-solvent


Hauthane HD-2113 Data Sheet

Physical Properties

33 %
Solids Tolerance
± 1 %
75 to 200 cps
pH7.5 to 10.0
Density8.8 lb/gal
Softening Point
365 ºF
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content (As Supplied)
1.05 g/L
Sward Hardness

Tensile Properties

10 %
Tensile Strength
>8500 psi
NoteTested at 2 Inches/Minute


HD-2113 may be used as supplied or blended with acrylic emulsions for application by spray, rotogravure, reverse roll, flexible blade, or wire wound rod.


HD-2113 should be dried by forced hot air or heat lamp before entering oven. The addition of 5 – 10 % coalescing solvent is suggested to attain optimal film formation properties. Typical drying temperatures and dwell times for aqueous coatings are sufficient to produce optimal film properties. Maximum performance is attained with additions by weight of 4 % HA-801 melamine crosslinker or 3 % HA-800 aziridine crosslinker.