Hauthane HD-2503 DMM

A polycarbonate-based, aliphatic, water-borne polyurethane dispersion.

Suggested Uses: HD-2503 DMM was developed for general coatings use on wood, plastic and metal substrates. The product offers exceptional resistance to hydrolysis, oxidation and UV-degradation. HD-2503 DMM is ideally suited for exterior applications where film durability and longevity are important considerations.


  • Excellent exterior weathering durability
  • Excellent humidity resistance
  • Contains dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether (DMM) co-solvent


HD-2503 DMM Data Sheet

Physical Properties

35 %
Solids Tolerance
± 1 %
50 to 500 cps
pH7.5 to 10.0
Density1.06 kg/l
Softening Point
355 ºF
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content (As Supplied)
126 g/L

Tensile Properties

Elongation210 %
Tensile Strength
6825 psi
100 % Modulus
4700 psi
200 % Modulus
6600 psi
Tested at 20 inches/minute


HD-2503 DMM may be formulated into coatings applied by spray, brush or pad applicator. It can be used as a sole vehicle or blended with acrylic emulsions. The rheology may be modified with associative thickeners.


Typical oven drying temperatures and dwell times for aqueous coatings are sufficient to produce optimal film properties. Enhanced film properties can be obtained when this product is crosslinked with any of a variety of external crosslinking agents.