Hauthane L-3192

A soft, halogen-free, flame retardant, aliphatic, polyurethane dispersion.

Suggested Uses: L-3192 was designed for use as a coating or finish for synthetic textile fabrics that must have permanent flame retardancy. This unique urethane dispersion is manufactured at high solids and without the use of solvent. Low add-on levels of L-3192 will enable synthetic fabrics to pass various FR tests including NFPA-701 and MVSS-302. L-3192 is well suited for use in textile coatings, such as automotive upholstery, that require outstanding strength and flame retardancy. Using L-3192, a coating can be formulated to pass MVSS-302 and maintain required strength properties at a much lower coating weight than conventional coatings. This results in a much softer hand and possible cost savings.


  • Permanent, non-leaching flame retardancy.
  • Halogen free.
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio.
  • Soft, tough, flexible, dry film.
  • Excellent low temperature flex crack resistance.
  • Contains n-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP).


L-3192 Data Sheet

Physical Properties

35 %
Solids Tolerance
± 1 %
50 to 500 cps
pH6.0 to 10.0
Density8.6 lb/gal
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content (As Supplied)
41 g/L
Softening Point
250 ºF

Tensile Properties

560 %
Tensile Strength
>1050 psi
100 % Modulus
620 psi
200 % Modulus
690 psi
Tested at 20 inches/minute


L-3192 may be sprayed or pad applied as supplied. Rheology may be modified with alkali-swellable or associative thickeners for alternative application methods.


This product displays excellent strength properties as supplied, although melamine-formaldehyde (3-6 phr) may be added to enhance performance.