Hauthane HD-2001

A soft, anionic, aliphatic, waterborne, polyurethane dispersion.

Suggested Uses: HD-2001 is a highly versatile coatings and adhesives polymer. Originally designed for use in textile applications that require a soft hand coupled with abrasion-resistance, and excellent adhesion and resiliency. HD-2001 is also suitable for industrial laminating applications that require excellent bond strength. The low melting point temperature also allows HD-2001 to be used as a heat seal-able adhesive.


  • Excellent bond strengths
  • Soft, tough, flexible film
  • Superior low temperature flexibility and crack resistance
  • Low melting point (265EF)


HD-2001 Data Sheet

Physical Properties

Solids40 %
Viscosity50 to 500 cps
pH7.5 to 10.0
Density8.9 lb/gal
Softening Point
265 ºF
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content (By Weight)
13.8 %

Tensile Properties

550 %
Ult. Tensile Strength
4000 psi
100 % Modulus
500 psi
200 % Modulus
900 psi
300 % Modulus
1500 psi
NoteTested at 20 inches/minute


Spray or pad — solids may be adjusted for optimum add-on. May be thickened with HA-900 for knife coating applications.


Typical drying temperatures and dwell times for aqueous adhesives/coatings are sufficient to produce optimal bond strengths.